Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is the pick-up/meeting point?

Due to the reconstruction of the Airport Parking Lot (from October 2018), I will - for your convenience - pick you up in front of the terminal. All you need to do is to call or text me (via viber / whatsapp: +36709467901 or reply to this email) after you collected your luggage. Few minutes later I will pick you up outside the terminal exit with a white Ford Transit, that has a green HotelShuttle sign on it.

How do I choose the pick up time for the shuttle?

Shuttle from Airport to Hotel:
You should calculate 30 minutes for luggage-pickup, so we recommend that you choose an airport pickup time which is 30 minutes after your scheduled plane arrival time.
e.g. If your plane's scheduled arrival time is 17:40 then your pick up time should be at 18:10. From that time onwards we wait another 30 minutes to 18:30 so rest assured that is plenty of time.

Shuttle from Hotel to Airport:
Please be there at the Hotel’s main entrance 5 minutes before your booked pickup time. Compared to your provided pick up time we will wait for another 10 minutes. e.g If the pick up time is at 18:00, then we will be there from 17:55 to 18:10.

We advise you to calculate with a 120 minute check-in time at the airport when choosing your Pick-up Time

If your hotel is in an area isolated from traffic, then we will send you the pickup point by e-mail.

Where can I inquire about prices?

You can check our shuttle prices - while booking with or without registering - selecting a hotel, the number of passengers followed by the desired pick-up date and time. We have fix prices - the price does not change and there are no hidden additional costs!

Is it a shared transfer?

No. I offer you a private door-to-door transfer from the airport to your hotel or from your hotel to the airport at fix prices.

How long does the transfer take?

Depending on traffic, 30-45 minutes.